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Israel and All Nations

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. We are a Messianic, Torah-observant congregation that integrates ancient style traditions and customs into the worship experience to add an important depth of meaning to the teachings of the Torah.

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We Cultivate the Word of HaShem

Israel & All Nations Congregation is dedicated to the restoration of Israel and the Hebrew roots of our faith. We are committed to serving and building the community and all who seek to worship in Spirit and Truth. We uphold the observance of the Sabbath, as well as Biblical feasts and holidays and are devoted to seeing Adonai’s purpose fulfilled as Jews and Gentiles are made one through faith in Yeshua (Jesus). Our mission incorporates primary principals.

IAANC Serves

the community by providing a greater understanding of Torah (instruction) and how it applies to our life today as we seek, first, the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

IAANC Provides

parallels from the foundation (Torah) and how it magnifies the teachings of Prophet, Priest, and King, Yeshua (Jesus), our Messiah, as well as Rav Sha’ul (Apostle Paul).

IAANC Exposes

how the Torah serves more than just a historic document, but as a legal contract (binding covenant) as well as prophetic insight. Declaring the end from the beginning:
Isaiah 46:10.


the Torah is so much more than just a religion or denomination or a list of of do’s and don’ts but a book of how to treat, serve, and love one another which was demonstrated by the living breathing Torah (Yeshua).

IAANC Delivers

a traditional style of worship in accordance with the Messianic Shabbat Siddur (prayer book) blessings in lashon ha kodesh (The holy language) of Hebrew, as well as, recited in English.

IAANC Follows

the weekly Torah portion schedule, which leads to many areas of the prophets and the New Covenant scriptures.



— There will be no service Sat 6 May due to Military Service and will return to service on Sat 13 May at 1:30pm —

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Messianic Pastor

Doug Mann

Doug Mann

Doug Mann, has been involved with the Hebraic Roots and the Messianic community since 2005, received a Bachelor’s Degree from Life Christian University in 2004, and a diploma in Messianic Jewish Studies from the IAMCS Yeshiva in 2015.

Doug Mann

Doug Mann, has been involved with the Hebraic Roots and the Messianic community since 2005, received a Bachelor’s Degree from Life Christian University in 2004, and a diploma in Messianic Jewish Studies from the IAMCS Yeshiva in 2015. Prior to Hebraic Roots, he served the local community as a bus driver from Concord, NC to Albemarle, NC and ministered at a local, assisted living center by bringing church worship to the elderly. Doug exclaims, “Before anyone takes any responsibility as a shepherd over a flock, he should begin that journey as a bus driver.” Through constant prayer, faith in God, and abundant grace, Israel and All Nations Congregation has deepened the faith of many with its biblical teaching and discipleship.

Beit Moshiach

Where we stand on the two house doctrine.
Hebrews 3:5-6

And Moses indeed was faithful in all His house as a servant, for a testimony of those things which would be spoken afterward, 6 but Messiah as a Son over His own (house), whose (house) we are if we hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of the hope firm to the end.


Sabbath (Saturday) 1:30pm
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We meet on the Sabbath day to commune with Adonai. Almost everyone in the group participates in one form or another - it is a true, cooperative congregation. We welcome all ages and backgrounds who have an earnest desire to be a Truth Seeker.


A historical traditional part of the service.

The traditional service consists of the ancient liturgies dating as far back as the second Temple and some liturgies may date as far back as the first Temple period which we incorporate into the Shabbat service. The liturgies contain an abundance of prayers and blessings that prepare ones heart to worship the Almighty as we continually confess His holiness.

Teaching & Prayer

As Adonai commands us to go and make diciples of others

An open style of teaching in which the congregation is welcome to interject comments or questions. The teaching is followed by individual prayer requests and prayer as a body of believers.


A remembrance of a gift

The benediction is the blessing that Aaron was given from Adonai on how to bless the children of Israel, Num 6:24-26. It is the power of His name placed upon His people. We are called to bless Him but this is a formal outpouring of His grace as He blesses us and also keeps us, guards us, and protects us and causes His presence to shine among us and grant us Shalom as only the Almighty can.


We break bread and drink in remembrance.

Partaking the weekly bread and wine. It is normally given at the Shabbat dinner table in the home but has carried over into part of the service on Shabbat day as well. The Kiddush blessing is given before we break to eat. The bread and wine are symbols of delight and joy on the set apart day of Shabbat. This is certainly not to be confused with the communion service in the church which has replaced the Passover seder.


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